Wilmington Drain Multi-Use Project

Wilmington Drain Multi-Use Project

Work Order:





800 West Lomita Boulevard. Los Angeles, CA 90710

Total Contract Amount:


Notice to Proceed & Duration:

05/13/2013; 830 Days

Project includes grading of approximately 3,250 feet of a soft bottom channel varying in width from approximately 100 to 140 feet, which has vegetation growth and sediment accumulation; construction of a trash net structure at the north end of the channel, construction of turf reinforcement mat (TRM) below the daylight line on all disturbed slope for scour prevention and erosion control; improvements to the existing maintenance road on the west bank; construction of new pathways, entries, parking lot and park facilities on the west bank south of Lomita Boulevard; expansion of the existing half-width of McCoy Avenue to full width for approximately 130 feet, and all appurtenant work, complete and operable, in accordance with the Contract Documents.