Santa Monica Bay Low Flow Diversion Upgrades

Santa Monica Bay Low Flow Diversion Upgrades

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201 Palisades Beach Rd. Santa Monica, CA 90402

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Notice to Proceed & Duration:

03/18/2014; 360 Days

The project consists of the construction of the Coastal Interceptor Relief Sewer (CIRS)-Phase 2.  This sewer is required to relieve excess flows in the existing Coastal Interceptor Sewer (CIS) that were caused in part by low flow diversions of dry weather runoff from various storm drains to the sanitary sewer. The CIRS construction includes, but is not limited to, potholing to located existing utilities, relocated existing sewer maintenance holes, excavation for receiving and lunching pits, cast-in-place concrete structures with secant piles at receiving and lunching pits, and 48-inch diameter City provided HOBAS Pipelines, connection to the existing 60-inch CIS, mitigation measures for existing utilities, fill and compaction of receiving and lunching pits sewer lateral bypass, storm drain bypass and relocation, water main bypass and relocation, various surface repair and improvements, and traffic control at Pacific Coast Highway throughout project.