HTP Truck Loading Facility Odor Control Modernization (CIP 2402)

HTP Truck Loading Facility Odor Control Modernization (CIP 2402)

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12000 Vista Del Mar Gate C, Playa Del Rey, CA 90293

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Notice to Proceed & Duration:

08/05/2015; 730 Days

The project will install two new 2-stage chemical scrubbers at a new location. The new scrubbers will be similar to the existing chemical scrubbers installed on the roof of Truck Loading Facility, with the same capacity and performance criteria as the existing scrubbers. The location for new scrubbers will be on the area currently occupied by out-of-service digester 6C. The remaining interior bottom of the digester 6C shall be cleaned, backfilled to elevation noted on the drawing to provide the space required for installing two new 2-stage chemical scrubbers, fans, recirculation pumps and a new chemical storage facility. The existing wet scrubbers shall remain in service until the construction of the new odor control project is completed. After the completion of the project and successful testing of each components of the new facility, foul air shall be introduced to the new chemical scrubbers. The existing chemical scrubbers shall then be shut down and removed from the top Truck Loading Facility