General Contractor for 45+ years, with over 25 years of Public Works contracts and experience with the City of Los Angeles.

Ford EC is ranked #3 in Construction Services Category of 2020 LA City Contractors, Los Angeles Business Journal; furthermore ranked #14 in 2020 LA City Contractors.

City of Los Angeles Certificate of Recognition presented by Mayor Garcetti for exemplary performance in constructing four ‘A Bridge Home’ projects across the City of Los Angeles.

ENR Best Projects, Best Water/Environment Project, Echo Park Lake Rehabilitation 2013

ASCE MLAB 2021 Parks and Recreation Award, Robertson Recreation Center, 2021

In 14 months (April 2020 – December 2021): we have constructed 9 Homeless Shelters to help the homelessness issue in Los Angeles, Total of 800 beds built at Rapid pace ~2.5 month per shelter

Ford is a Certified Small Business

Project Name: Tiny Home Village: CD 2 – Alexandria Park
Project Address:  6099 Laurel Canyon Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91066

  • Design-Build project by Ford EC with services from local subcontractors and design support from Lehrer Architects.  Ford headed this endeavor to help tackle the homeless crisis in Los Angeles.
  • Bright welcoming shelters open to the community during Covid pandemic & homeless crisis, a force for positive growth of community & people
  • Alexandria Tiny Homes is one of the Largest homeless shelters in the City at this time and built in a densely populated area.
  • This project is considered the pilot program for upcoming shelter construction for City of LA
  • Awarded by City of Los Angeles, Ford was chosen out of exclusive list of contractors.
  • Ford ensures to work hand-in-hand with the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering. This partnering approach is what results in such successful projects.  We have been taking this approach on all projects but a project like Alexandria could never be built this quick without the City hands on assistance
  • Our team built the project in 10 weeks which includes design, permitting, construction and Certificate of Occupancy
  • Built under contract budget and completed 3 weeks ahead of schedule.