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Ford E.C., Inc was founded in 1979 with a goal that included providing clients with the highest level of construction quality completed on time and on budget.

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South District Sewer Maintenance Yard – W.O. #SZC11668
2002 W. Slauson Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90047

Project Description
This project will install two new 2-stage chemical scrubbers at a new location. The new scrubbers will be similar to the existing chemical scrubbers installed on the roof of Truck Loading Facility, with the same capacity and performance criteria s the existing scrubbers. The location for new scrubbers will be on the area currently occupied by out-of-service digester 6C. The remaining interior bottom of the digester 6C shall be cleaned, backfilled to elevation noted on the drawing to provide the space required for installing two new 2-stage chemical scrubbers, fans, recirculation pumps and a new chemical storage facility.

The existing wet scrubbers shall remain in service until the construction of the new odor control project is completed. After the completion of the project and successful testing of each components of the new facility, foul air shall be introduced to the new chemical scrubbers. The existing chemical scrubbers shall then be shut down and removed from the top Truck Loading Facility.

Start Date Estimated Completion Date
08/05/2015 08/04/2017

South District Sewer Maintenance Yard – W.O. #SZC11668
2002 W. Slauson Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90047

Project Description
The project involves the demolition of approximately 14,000 square feet of existing garage and office facilities at the Yard located on Slauson Ave. A new building of approximately 7,100 square feet will replace the existing structures. The new site layout will feature a more efficient parking layout and vehicular circulation appropriate for the large trucks that dispatch from this location. The site is about 37,600 square feet in size and will comply with the “Americans with Disabilities Act, (ADA).”
City of Los Angeles – Department of Public Works
Bureau of Sanitation

Start Date:
July 5, 2016

Estimated Completion Date:
July 2018

Awarded Amount:

Hyperion Treatment Plant (HTP)
Secondary Clarifiers Upgrade (CIP 2422)
Project # W.O. SZH11722

Project Description
The Hyperion Treatment Plant Clarifiers Upgrade will rehabilitate the structural components that are experiencing severe corosion, at sixteen (four modules: modules 6-9) out of the thirty-six Secondary Clarifiers at HTP. These components included, but are not limited to: the entire catwalk system, flocculation support anchor rods and steel plate, the weir supports and associated anchor bolts, as well as the submerged steel componets (the rake-arm, flocculation well, ducking skimmer). This project will also replace the main drive motor and the rotating weir and its associated system.

Start Date Estimated Completion Date
04/14/2014 04/14/2016


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